National guard applycation [general position]

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National guard applycation [general position]

Post by Idham_Miller on Fri May 06, 2011 7:48 pm


[b]in-game name : Idham_Miller
[b]In-game Level : 8
[b]Reason for joining: I feel i can help to serve the national guard , and i want to serve our country and keep it safe .
[b]Do you have any warnings: No
[b]Have you been in army: No
[b]Are you in other faction now?: No
[b]What is your in-game job? Detective
[b]Will you follow all the server and army rules,protocols,duties ?:Yes
I was born in the fifth of April in 1982, fresh out of the medic faction and moving along in life. My parents left me when i was really young, early in my stages of life I lived by myself with my grandparents. My grandpa has passed away because he was robbed, then stabbed by gang members. My grandma died 2 months later because of severe depression.

Recruitment day 2004, after training for 2 weeks as a unofficial recruit of the National Guard. There was my name, on the bulletin. My partner Light Casey , he has been with me since day 1, previously we have been employed full-time in the LSFMD, now, we were looking for a new job, and new job it was. I was introduced to my general at the meeting for all the new recruits. Unfortunately he was honorably discharged of his duties and retired.

Over the years we had different generals that served the army. All were wise indeed, great commanders of the army, I understood why they earned the general rank in the National Guard. Our next general was wise indeed, intelligent in tactics and one of my idols. The general had made a new division and is recruiting new Navy SEALs into the team, the head of the SEALs was our general Issam Casey . We were class one of the Navy SEALs, over the next week, both me and Light has worked our way up and finally graduated and became an official SEAL member. It was the same day I obtained my sergeant rank. Served in the SEALs over a few months earned me the co-leader of the SEALs, my past experience in the LSFMD I created the medic division, and light who was also equipped with the same medical knowledge as I was co-director of the Combat Medic division.

Hard work training the other fresh recruits earned me my captain and major rank. I was proud of my achievements. In the next one and a half years, our seal team has been through a lot of operations and me and Light has been through the tough times together. We recruited a class two and three over the following year for the SEALs. Unfortunately some of the class one members, my closest friends has moved on into other steps in their life. Our current general has moved on and he also left the leader position of the SEALs behind with him. I knew I had huge shoes to fill if I were to take this position and take command of the SEALs. My trusted, loyal and beloved partner Light took co-director and we continued on with the SEALs. I earned my colonel rank. Another year has passed and I had many past experiences in the National Guard. Positive, as well as negative memories has found their place in my head. I knew that my history has been made in the National Guard.

Almost 3 years later after my retirement of the National Guard I've noticed how I kind of threw out an enormous part of my life when I left. I realize now how important it was for me to be apart of the army and to serve and enforce the laws of the nation. This job was definitely fit for me, I knew this job would make me set goals for the future and challenge me even further.
[b]How old are you : 29
[b]Have you ever done illegal thing ? : No
[b]From where are you ? If not from LS why you came here ? :
Los Santos
[b]What means 10-97,10-2 and 10-33 ?
10-97 check ,signal -10-2:signal good 10-33 Emergency
Will you give your life to save a civilian or the town? If yes why: : Yes , my job was to serve the country

, and keep it safe , and i aim to continue doing that , and im ready to give my life to the national guard.
[b]Why do you wish to join us ? : From my childhood i was dreaming to be a part of the army , and keep the country safe , so i wish to be a part of that.

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Re: National guard applycation [general position]

Post by Alpha Corleone on Fri May 06, 2011 10:14 pm

Dude where's your Reason for joining: [Min: 450 words]?

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Re: National guard applycation [general position]

Post by Mr.Light on Sat May 07, 2011 11:32 am

He is a Good Men , i support him ((/Support))


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Re: National guard applycation [general position]

Post by Alex on Sat May 07, 2011 2:16 pm

He is accepted as Major in NG. Topic CLOSED!

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Re: National guard applycation [general position]

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